Motorized Smart Shades

Smart Shades & Control Options

Many of VIP’s window treatments come with motorized, remote and smart options. You can choose what options you want with your window treatments.

Handheld Remote Control

  • Convenient all-in-one remote operates multiple blinds
  • Adjust blinds with the press of a button
  • Easy to carry around the home
  • Does not require WiFi or app
  • Simple interface for raising, lowering, tilting
  • Programmable scenes and groups
  • Wall-mount docking station for storage
  • Battery operated for portable use
  • Range of 100+ feet

iPhone & Android Smartphone App

  • Operate blinds directly from your smartphone
  • Individual and group blind control
  • Create schedules and scenes for automation
  • Set timers to open or close blinds
  • Integrate with other smart home devices
  • Utilize voice assistants like Siri and Alexa
  • Get notifications about blind activity
  • Control blinds anywhere with internet connection
  • Secure account registration and access

Power Wand

  • Remote Wand attaches to blind bottom bar
  • Typically used in addition to main remote
  • Allows push button control when near the blind
  • Provides ability to fine tune slat angles
  • Convenient for areas where remotes often get misplaced
  • Buttons allow one-handed operation

There is a instructional sheet that will contain a smartphone app QR link for installing the Connector App Android / Connector App iPhone. Once the app is installed, add shades one at a time by pairing from the existing remote.

For setting up Alexa voice control please install the Alexa Skill, “Connector”

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