With their sleek, contemporary style and practical functionality, it’s easy to see why zebra shades have become a go-to window covering across the Southwestern United States. Here’s what makes them such a great fit.

Unique, Modern Aesthetic

The signature layered slat design of zebra shades delivers distinctive style and visual interest perfect for Southwestern architecture and decor. Their richness and depth stand out beautifully.

Adjustable Light and Privacy Control

With zebra shades’ ability to alter the angle of slats, homeowners can modulate sunlight and visibility. This flexibility is ideal for Southwestern climates where abundant light needs taming.

Insulation and UV Protection

Zebra shades provide an added insulating layer, trapping cool air inside during scorching Southwest summers. Their UV reflective properties also prevent heat gain and glare.

Design Versatility

From rustic and bohemian to contemporary spaces, zebra shades complement diverse styles. Their black and white palette works everywhere. Vibrant colors like turquoise pop too.


Quality zebra shades withstand Southwestern climate fluctuations without warping or damage. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance for years.

Easy Maintenance

Zebra shades require minimal upkeep in dusty, arid environments. Occasional dusting or vacuuming keeps their good looks intact.

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